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On Saturday 15th October 2022

Spunout  will be participating in the National Album Day 2022 its a day to encourage music lovers to immerse in complete albums as an artform, cover to cover so to speak.

The focus this year is on debut albums!
BBC Radio Six are pushing it as are some of the record companies who are putting out some limited edition vinyl to promote it with first albums from such artists as The Clash, Mariah Carey, Wu-Tang Clan & Nas.

We'll have a lot of this in stock as well as playing fully some of our favourite debut Lps.

We will be opening at 08.00am on Saturday 15th October
hope you can make it!

Electronic Indie

Georgi Kay - In My Mind
In My Mind   Ipswich..
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Vinyl 7 Inch Single

Electronic Indie / Pop 7 Inch Single
Tubeway Army - Replicas
Me! I Disconnect From You   Are 'Friends' Electric?   The Machma..
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Vinyl Lp Reissue

New Wave / Synth Pop Classic Lp Reissue
Various - Franz Ferdinand Covers Ep
Debbie Harry & Franz Ferdinand: Live Alone   Stephen Merritt: Dream Agai..
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Vinyl 12 Inch Ep

Indie Rock / Electronic Indie 12 Inch Ep
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Orchestral Intro   Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach   W..
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Vinyl Lp Reissue

Electronic Indie / Electro Funk / Trip Hop Lp Reissue
Pseudo Nippon - Edamame Freakout EP
Constellation Jebubu   Beef Egg Revenge   Cosmic Evan   ..
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Vinyl 7 Inch Ep

Electronic Indie / Indie Rock 7 Inch Ep
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