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On Saturday 15th October 2022

Spunout  will be participating in the National Album Day 2022 its a day to encourage music lovers to immerse in complete albums as an artform, cover to cover so to speak.

The focus this year is on debut albums!
BBC Radio Six are pushing it as are some of the record companies who are putting out some limited edition vinyl to promote it with first albums from such artists as The Clash, Mariah Carey, Wu-Tang Clan & Nas.

We'll have a lot of this in stock as well as playing fully some of our favourite debut Lps.

We will be opening at 08.00am on Saturday 15th October
hope you can make it!

  • Rory Gallagher - Deuce 50th Anniversary Edition

Original Deuce Lp Remastered:
Used To Be
I'm Not Awake Yet
Don't Know Where I'm Going
Maybe I Will
Whole Lot Of People
In Your Town
Should've Learnt My Lesson
There's A Light
Out Of My Mind
Crest Of A Wave
Alternate Takes Lp:
Used To Be (alternate take 1)
I'm Not Awake Yet (alternate take 1)
Maybe I Will (alternate take 1)
Whole Lot Of People (12 String acoustic alternate take 1)
In Your Town (alternate take 3)
Should've Learnt My Lesson (alternate take 3)
There's A Light (alternate take 1)
Out Of My Mind (alternate take 3)
Alternate Takes & Radio Sessions Lp:
Crest Of A Wave (alternate take 2)
Crest Of A Wave (radio Bremen 21/12/1971)
Don't Know Where I'm Going (radio Bremen 21/12/1971)
I Could've Had Religion (radio Bremen 21/12/1971)
Should've Learnt My Lesson (radio Bremen 21/12/1971)
For The Last Time (radio Bremen 21/12/1971)
Messin' With The Kid (radio Bremen 21/12/1971)
Pistol Slapper Blues (radio Bremen 21/12/1971)
Limited edition triple album, comes in tri-fold sleeve with booklet.

Rory Gallagher
Deuce 50th Anniversary Edition
Cat No
Blues Rock / Heavy Rock Lp Reissue
Blues Rock / Heavy Rock
Vinyl Lp Reissue

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