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On Saturday 22nd April 2023

Spunout  will be participating in the Record Store Day 2023

Spunout will be celebrating this year’s Record Store Day on Saturday 22nd April 2023 with a musical feast from local bands & DJs plus a massive spread of the exclusive Indies only records & Cds.

We'll have a lot of this in stock as well as playing fully some of our favourite debut Lps.

We will be opening at 08.00am on Saturday 22nd April
hope you can make it!


Listening Post
U2 - Songs Of Surrender

One   Where The Streets Have No Name   Stories For Boys  ..

New Stock Item

| more info | Vinyl Lp

Alternative Rock / Acoustic Rock Lp
Hawkwind - We Are Looking In On You Too

Born To Go   Star Explorer   Hurry On Sundown   Space..

New Stock Item

| more info | Vinyl Lp

Psychedelic Rock / Space Rock Lp
Death And Vanilla - Flicker

Out For Magic   Baby Snakes   Find Another Illusion   ..

New Stock Item

| more info | Vinyl Lp

Psychedelic Rock / Ethereal Electronic Indie Lp
100 Gecs - 10000 Gecs

Dumbest Girl Alive   757   Hollywood Baby   Frog On T..

New Stock Item

| more info | Vinyl Lp

Hyperpop / Experimental Electronic Punk / Dance Pop Lp


Sister Nancy - Bam Bam

Bam Bam   Bam Bam (Stalag version)   Pressed on limited edition ..

New Stock Item

| more info | Vinyl 12 Inch Single

Reggae / Dancehall 12 Inch Single
Bella Poarch - Dolls

Build A Bitch   Dolls   Living Hell   No Man's Land (fea..

New Stock Item

| more info | Vinyl 12 Inch Ep

Bubblegum Synthpop / Trap 12 Inch Ep
Boy Harsher - Careful

Keep Driving   Face The Fire   Fate   LA   Come ..

New Stock Item

| more info | Vinyl Lp Reissue

Coldwave / Synth Pop / Indie Dance Lp Reissue
Boy Harsher - Lesser Man (Extended Version)

Lust   Modulations   Pain   Run   Crimea   ..

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| more info | Vinyl Lp Reissue

Darkwave / Synthwave / Electronic Indie Lp Reissue
Suns Of Arqa - Revenge Of The Mozabites

Acid Tablas   World Peace, A Dream?   Scully's Reel   Ba..

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| more info | Vinyl Lp Reissue

Dub / Downtempo World Dub Lp Reissue
Sceptre - Essence Of Redemption (Ina Difrent Styley)

Ina Dif'rent Styley   Pestilence & Bombing   Nuclear Disaster ..

New Stock Item

| more info | Vinyl Lp Reissue

Reggae Lp Reissue
Capital Letters - Reality

Reality   Reality Dub   Smoking My Ganja (Oldwah mix)   ..

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| more info | Vinyl Lp Reissue

Reggae / Dub Lp Reissue
Conflict - Its Time To See Whos Who

Young Parasites   Kings & Punks   Meat Means Murder   No..

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| more info | Vinyl Lp Reissue

Punk Lp Reissue